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Low Back Pain

There are many possible causes of low back pain. Postural stresses, weight overload, trauma, muscular weakness and arthritis are the most common. In eastern medicine it is thought that no matter what the cause is the condition can become chronic because of stagnation and accumulation of energy and blood in the area. If you experience mild to moderate low back pain try the following acupressure routine as often as necessary. If your condition persists or your pain is severe contact a healthcare practitioner.

Back Shu Pointsare the best local points for low back pain. These points run all the way down each side of your back about 2 fingers from the centre of your spine. Start at the top of your lower back and go about 2 fingers over from you’re the centre of your spine Treat these points all the way down you’re your back into your tail bone.

 Outer Bladder and Ahshi Points – Are also good local point for low back pain. After finishing the the back shu points at your tail bone move out to the side another 2 fingers (or about 4 fingers form the centre of your spine) and treat these point up your lower back.


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