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How does the infared work?

There are 3 grams of tourmaline oxide powder in the tip of each Acupointer. The tourmaline is a natural emmiter of Infrared wavelengths of energy. Once the tip gets warmed with your body heat the infrared energy radiates from the tip into your body giving it a soothing feeling. 


Is FIR safe?

Absolutely! FIR is the healing energy of the sun and has nothing to do with ultraviolet rays, atomic radiation, or electromagnetic fields. In fact, FIR is often used  in the treatment of over exposure to these other damaging rays.

 If there are no mechanical or electrical parts, how does it work?” 

The infrared minerals are imbedded  right in the compound  of the acupressure spheres and the tip of the Acu_pointer. When they are warmed by the heat of your body the minerals in the compound convert this heat energy into Far Infrared rays that are emitted back  into the acupressure point. The catalyst for the whole process is the heat of your body. As long as you give off body heat your Shinkoda Acupressure System™ will keep on working!

Is the Shinkoda System meant to replace treatments from my healthcare professional?

No. If you are being treated by a health practitioner, never use the Shinkoda Acupressure System™ as a replacement for your treatment. Continue your treatment through its full course and use the Shinkoda Acupressure System™ as an adjunct to your medical treatment with your health practitioner’s permission. The Shinkoda Acupressure system can be used as a valuable form of homecare between your visits to your therapist and in some cases may reduce the amount of treatments needed from your health care provider.