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Tension headaches originate from stress in muscles of the neck. The stress can be physical an/or emotional in origin. In eastern theory it is believed that tension headaches also originate from a invasion of  cold damp wind into the neck and head that causes an obstruction of energy in the area. Try the following points next time you get a headache. You can also use the points regularly (2-3 times per week) as a preventative measure. If your headache is severe or persists see a health care professional.

Large Intestine #4 – is one of the master points that helps reduce pain and dispel wind and remove obstructions. Large Intestine #4 can be found right in the middle of the fleshy web between your thumb and forefinger.

Gall Bladder #14 – is a local point that helps reduce wind. It can be found about 1 thumb width above the mid-point of your eyebrow.                                    

Gall Bladder #20 – is a major point for head and neck pain. It helps eliminate wind. To find GB 20 start at your spine just under the base of your skull. Run four finger along the underside of your skull passing over the large bump formed by your spinal muscles. GB20 is in the soft depression right after the bump.


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