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How it works


The Shinkoda Acupressure System™, combines the ancient art and science of acupressure with twenty first century  infrared technology. 
By putting just the right amount of pressure on strategic points of your body you should  feel a significant reduction of pain, muscular tension and stress. In China this practice  is called Acupressure,  in Japan it is called Shiatsu, in the West it is called Trigger Point Therapy. Acupressure in some form is practised in virtually every culture on every continent because it works!. In the East, the Acupressure is said to balance the  “energy meridians” which flow  through your body. When this energy is in balance the body and mind will function optimally, thereby resulting in less stress, pain, tension, and disease. In the West extensive research has been done mapping out areas on the body  where trigger points develop in your muscles leading to referred pain and dysfunction. It has been determined that the right amount of pressure applied to these points effects the body’s nervous system resulting in less pain, less muscular tension, and increased feelings of relaxation.                                                                                                                              Far Infrared technology is one of the most exciting new breakthroughs in medical science! It has always been known that the sun stimulates growth and healing in our bodies. Over  the last century scientists have been able to isolate the spectrum of energy in the sun’s rays which is responsible for this healing effect. This energy  is  part of the Infrared spectrum of light that  is known as the “Far Infrared Spectrum.”The problem with trying to access this energy in sunlight is that it is accompanied with Ultraviolet Rays which are extremely damaging to the body. Furthering research originally started by NASA, scientists in Japan were able to  isolate specific “ piezoelectric”  minerals that emit energy wavelengths that are the same as the natural  Far Infrared Rays (FIR) from the sun. These minerals, however, were so costly that the technology was too expensive to use.

            The Shinkoda Acupressure System™ uses breakthrough technology that mixes these  piezoelectric minerals with a mineral oxide that  maintains the amount of energy emitted from the minerals but at a much lower cost, making this incredible technology available for you and your family. In fact  the Shinkoda Acupressure System™ has a higher concentration of infrared material than any other product that we know of,  producing 3 to10 times more FIR than most other infrared products.

The Shinkoda Acupressure System’s™  patented design and  technology combines the benefits of both acupressure and far infrared technology into one incredible product, providing results that are incomparable to anything else available today!.


The system  teaches you which points to use for many common conditions

The system teaches you how  to locate each point easily.

The system allows you to apply pressure on the points with little or no stress on your body.