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Tennis elbow

 Tennis elbow is caused by repetitive strain on the muscles and tendons on the outside of your elbow and forearm. During a flare-up the tendons become inflamed and painful which may also be accompanied by swelling and loss of function.. For mild flare-ups or treatment of a chronic condition try the following homecare regime:

 Remember apply comfortable pressure to each point for 10-20 seconds. If the pressure is uncomfortable ease up or discontinue use.  

 Large Intestine #11 – is a point that helps clear heat and benefits tendons and joints. To find Large Intestine 11 bend your elbow 90°, then follow the crease to the depression on the outside of your elbow.

 Large Intestine #10 – is a good local point for elbow pain. Large Intestine #10 can be found about 2½ fingers down from Large Intestine Point #11 on a line towards the thumb.



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