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I absolutely love my Shinkoda System! I used to suffer from chronic shoulder pain from and old sports injury. I tried therapy for it which helped initially but didn’t last. I often had to resort to medication which seemed to be less and less effective each time I took it. A neighbour suggested I try the Shinkoda System. I tried it one evening  and my pain was gone the next morning. It stayed away for weeks. Each time I use it the results last longer. I find it also really helps me relax every time I use it which is important to me because I have a really high stress job in sales. I sleep better and I much easier to be around! Thank you Shinkoda!

Rob Talman

Account Executive


I used to suffer from severe neck and back pain associated with my posture. I have what they call a “widows hump” in my upper back. My physical therapist suggested that I try the Shinkoda System. It began helping with my pain immediately. As I continued to use it we noticed that it was having dramatic effect on my posture. After only about 6 sessions I had grown over 1" in height! With the change in my posture I also noticed that my rib cage was opening up allowing me to take a full “singer breath” which I couldn’t do before. For that I say thank you Shinkoda!!!

Joyce Clarke

Retired Singer

I suffer from sciatica that is usually manageable but every now and then flares up where the pain can be excruciating. When I get one of those flare ups I usually have to get therapy or even worse, take medication. A couple months ago I had a really bad one. My husband had been Using the Shinkoda to help with the  stress and muscular aches he gets from travelling so much on business. I asked him if he thought it might help with my sciatica. He said he didn’t know but it wouldn’t hurt to try. We opened up the treatments guide, found the treatment for sciatica and started to go through each pressure point. We were both shocked when it completely took my pain away and it lasted, and I didn’t have to take my anti-inflammatories.  Thank you Shinkoda!

Lisa Hollander


I’m a registered massage therapist and kinesiologist. I own two clinics and a corporate consultant business where we treat hundreds of clients each week. my own personal philosophy has always been  to use only “hands on” treatments and modalities. I believe “hands on” therapy is much more effective than using gadgets and gizmos to treat people.  That is until I was introduced to the Shinkoda System. My wife was given the Shinkoda by her therapist to help with her injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. It helped her so much that after her injuries were resolved I took it to work to try with  some of my clients. I now use it in almost every treatment I do and I recommend to all my clients. Thank you Shinkoda!

Steve Kosovski

Massage Therapist and Kinesiologist


I’m an addiction specialist treating people trying to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Finding ways of managing pain and stress that don’t involve medication is extremely important for my patients. I have found that the Shinkoda System works! My patients that have used it report a significant reduction in both their pain and stress following their treatments. I’m very grateful to have such an important tool to recommend to my patients. Thank you Shinkoda!


Dr. Ray Steinman M.D.

Addictions Specialist


In my line of work I’m on my feet all day, I do a lot of lifting, and it can be extremely stressful! As a result I suffer from chronic neck and back pain, headaches, and insomnia. I began using the Shinkoda System a few months ago and it started to work immediately! I find I can take the Acupointer to work where I can treat my neck pain and headaches as they happen, and when I go home I can do a full treatment where i can work on my whole back and relax. Because of the Shinkoda I feel less pain, I’m way more relaxed and I sleep like a baby!

Thanks Shinkoda!

Vicki Heenan R.N.

Registered Nurse


I’ve suffered from chronic tension headaches for years. I go for regular massage therapy which helps and as a last resort I would take pain medication, which I hated to do! I was given a

Shinkoda System from my therapist who thought it would be a good thing to use between therapy sessions. The Shinkoda System has been amazing! I can use it almost anytime and anywhere. I carry the acupointer in my purse and use it any time I feel any tension in my neck which helps prevent my headaches from happening! The only problem I have with it is that now that my friends know that I have with me at all times they are always hounding me to borrow it. I know longer have to take any pain medication. Thank you Shinkoda!

Diane Beard

Corporate Trainer


I have three kids ages 1,3, and 5. I’m constantly bending over to lift them. A couple of weeks ago I was lifting my youngest daughter and I could feel my back go out. I was in so much pain which doesn’t get me a lot of sympathy in my house. I tried medication which didn’t help. I tried ice and heat which helped a bit but not much. I was into my second day of agony when a neighbour  told me to try her Shinkoda System. When I saw it I really didn’t think it would help but she insisted. I did one treatment that afternoon and felt a little relief immediately but my back felt sort of ‘funny”. It was hard to explain. As the afternoon and evening went on it felt better and better and when I woke up the next morning it was gone and hasn’t come back since. Thank you Shinkoda!

Erin MacCullah